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Jisung Chang, with a wife and two young children in tow from Korea, is a research student in the Technion’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty, and he is considering doctoral studies. The following is an interview with Jisung about his time at the Technion.

How did you hear about Technion?

Jisung Chang with family

Jisung Chang with family

I am here at the Technion as a research student. I was trying to find a good laboratory and professor with the same research topic I was interested in. Through the internet, I found very famous professor working in the Technion in the same research field I was interested in, and I decided to contact him.

What impressed you about the Technion?

I was impressed to find such great enthusiasm in the Technion library of all places! There are so many Israeli students who are enthusiastic about their research studies. I had an entirely different experience in Korea, where the library is always very quiet and boring. But here the library is awesome!!!  You may meet so many fascinating veteran researchers with great passion for their ongoing research. I am touched by them and I keep learning so much from them  in general and especially I am inspired by their attitude to research.

What do you study in the Technion, how long will you stay in Israel for?

I got a Master degree of Electrical Engineering in Korea.  Now I research for remote sensing in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Israeli Technion since 2012. I am considering to continue for Ph.D so it I will probably stay for  3~5 more years.

Please describe a meaningful experience – social/school oriented?

I met five Korean researchers at the Technion and we created a Korean Community on campus. We host regular meetings and share our Korean food with each other (kimchi, ddukbokki, Ramyun, etc.).

Did you get a chance to get to know Israel – are you in touch with Israeli students? Who are the people closest to you?

I lived in Jerusalem several months before coming to the Technion in Haifa. I recommend visiting Jerusalem and learning about the history of Israel. It will give good motivation coming to Israel. I have really kind and smart co-workers in my lab and a nice Israeli neighbor who is also a Technion student.

Would you recommend this experience/program to your friends abroad? (Korean or international in general)
I already sent all my friends in Korea an email and described my positive experience here.

I recommend to all Koreans interested in studying abroad – go to Israel.


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